Thursday, September 08, 2005

In Memory of What We have Lost

I have not posted here in a while. Recent events have forced me away to write about the ruin that I had called my home years ago. To me the Gulf Coast was paradise. Friendly living in a place where people had a deep and abiding joy of living and a wonderful tradition of excellent cooking. I lived close to Biloxi, near to Ocean Springs and Vancleave.

I see images of restaurants where they knew our names and drink orders. The building is now hundreds of feet from where it stood. A gutted derelict beached and broken. You always think that our dreams work out. I have longed to return to the Gulf, but it looks like a while before I could make a real difference by being there.

I have not been able to contact people I care about, a friend shared the good news that her family in New Orleans is safe. I am so happy for her. I send my prayers to all those people who are without a home tonight. Please help in whatever way you can. What hurts one hurts us all, What heals someone heals us all.

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